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1. CreativeLive

CreativeLive broadcasts free live classes with the world's top experts in photography, business, design, craft, and audio. There are over 1,000+ classes with seasoned experts in every industry.

2. OfficeHours

Connect with experienced professionals in any industry, for 10 minutes of free, 1-on-1 advice over video chat.


A free personal coaching and goal-tracking app with access to over 750+ personal coaches and a vibrant community to help you define and achieve your goals.

4. edX

Join over 5 million learners in highly actionable online classes backed by Harvard, MIT, and other prestigious universities & organizations from around the world.

5. General Assembly

Take in-person or online classes, taught by certified experts, on a wide range of technology, business, design, and marketing-related topics.

6. Treehouse

If you want to learn how to build a website, app, or launch an online business, Treehouse has over 169,000 students learning from well over 1,000 online classes on these topics.

7. Skillcrush

Learn the most in-demand digital skills from Skillcrush's various immersive, 3-month Career Blueprint programs that are designed to give you marketable new tech skills, quickly.

8. HighBrow

Get short, digestible, daily lessons delivered straight to your email inbox each morning on topics related to happiness, creativity, history, and more.

9. Lynda

As one of the first large online education platforms, Lynda features over 4,000 classes in business, design, development, photography, and much more.

10. Coursmos

Get access to bite-sized micro video & audio classes from top professionals in personal development, health & wellness, business, and more.

11. CodeAcademy

Learn to code for free, in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and more.

12. Skillshare

Join over 1 million students in learning creative skills from over 1,000 online courses taught by successful professionals in business, design, writing, and more.

13. Ted Talks

Watch incredibly motivating short talks and lectures about education, leadership, life, purpose, passion, and so much more.

14. Udacity

Earn nano degrees in web development, building mobile apps, data science, and more.

15. Coursera

Choose from over 1,500 online courses on machine learning, project management, data analysis, and other technical skills.

16. MIT's OpenCourseWare

Access all of the learning materials used in every MIT class, directly through their OpenCourseWare project.

17. 99u

Insightful articles, videos, and workbooks featuring insights and tutorials from well-known experts in business, design, health, and more.

18. Udemy

Browse from over 35,000 online courses from teachers and experts around the world on web development, photography, business, and more.

19. SkilledUp

Get access to online courses, articles, and audio recordings from experienced developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

20. OpenSesame

Choose from over 20,000 online training courses designed specifically for navigating challenges in your business.

21. Babbel

Learn any language in this fun, engaging online learning platform.


Connect with, and learn from industry experts over live 1-on-1 video consultation sessions.

23. Thinkful

Choose from group workshops, part-time, or full-time live 1-on-1 learning from certified professionals in development, design, and data science.

24. SitePoint

Access thousands of video tutorials, online books, and classes for web developers & designers.

25. Khan Academy

Free online classes in math, science, art, computer programming, history, economics, and more.

26. Duolingo

Join this free creative online platform that teaches you how to speak new languages through bite-sized lessons, challenges, and resources.

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