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According to most of the studies oral sex is much less risky than anal or vaginal sex. Oral sex is giving or receiving oral stimulation to the penis, the vagina or the anus. An unprotected oral sex can be risky. If you have an unprotected oral sex then you do have risk factors associated with it. Bleeding gums and other teeth diseases can get you close to STDs. Herpes has been said to be transmitted from genitals to mouth and mouth to genitals. You may also have cut or sores in your mouth that could cause harm. Oral sex is much less risky than anal or vaginal sex. But there have been well-documented cases of HIV transmission through oral exposure to semen or vaginal fluids Fellatio that is mouth to penis contact and cunnilingus mouth to vulva contact cannot be considered to be totally safe practices. You pass on bacteria, cold and flu viruses with exchange of body fluids. There is a risk of transmitting gonorrhea from the penis to the throat and the other way round too. It is always recommended to have you tested after few months of having oral sex.

We all know that HIV is commonly transmitted sexually by penile-anal intercourse. The female is at a greater risk but the male partner (person putting his penis into the anus) can also get infected. HIV infection is commonly transmitted sexually as a result of penile-vaginal intercourse. But most of us are at a doubt when the question is of oral sex. Many of us are not sure that while having oral sex with the opposite gender there are chances of HIV to be transmitted.

HIV virus is found in blood, semen (cum), vaginal fluids, and breast milk and as can transmitted through cuts, openings, sores, and mucous membranes (mouth, anus, vagina) on your body. There are many risks factors associated with it that we are unaware of as unprotected oral sex can harm as unprotected sex although the risk factor is not the same. Oral sex can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. It has been said that herpes can be can be transmitted from genitals to mouth or mouth to genitals during unprotected oral sex. Gonorrhoea can be transmitted to the throat during oral sex, especially fellatio. Chlamydia this little genital bug has become almost epidemic among sexually active young people during the early years of the 21st century. There is a risk if you have cuts or ulcers in your mouth. Oral sex carries risk especially when one or the partner is infected with HIV or when they do not know their HIV status. The risk is present when partners inject drugs. According to scientists there are a number of other sexually transmitted diseases that have been transmitted through oral sex such as herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts (HPV), intestinal parasites (amebiasis), and hepatitis A.

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