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Choosing an attractive title for a story is a difficult task. It is vital that you should create an evocative and unique title for the story. In the competitive world, writers have to meet deadlines and write more than three stories simultaneously. If you want to know how to keep writing good titles, you must consider the following tips.

Avoid plagiarism

Millions of novels and short stories are written on a regular basis. There is a possibility that your story title might have already been used by other writers. You can check if there is a copyright on the story title. Even if there is no copyright on the title, you should not use it. The reason is that the stories with common titles can confuse the readers. When you are submitting your story for the best writing competitions, you should be more careful.

Choose Appropriate Quotes

You can use quotes to write an interesting title for your story. For example, the main theme of the story is about heartbreaks and you have also used relevant quotes in the story. Heartbreak can be a fascinating title for your story. The best option is to follow the theme and write a relevant and attractive story title.

Play with the words

Do you want your story to get noticed easily? Your option is to play with the words and create an amazing title for the story. If you are writing a story about a musician who is trying to find out the truth about the parental home, Keys can be an appropriate title for the story. The keys are used to unlock closed doors and the musician too uses his mind as keys in order to unveil a mystery. You must learn how to keep writing good stories and titles for your readers.

Use Nouns for Title of Your Story

Another option is to use one noun from the story as the title. Whether you wish to use an improper or a proper noun, it is vital that you should use it appropriately. You can use the name of the main character as the title. His hobby, his birthplace also can be used for this purpose. If you have developed a story about a film star, then Tinsel Town might be the title of the story. Goal Post would be a nice title if your story is based on the life of a soccer player. The stories with attractive titles are highly appreciated in the best writing competitions of the world.

Utilize Plot for the Title

Using the plot for the story title is a common practice adopted by the popular writers. They have done a lot of research and find out how to keep writing good titles for their stories. You can also use this tactic for writing the title of your story. If the story is about a lady who is practicing hard to become a successful hockey player, then Hockey Stick is a suitable title. The Rising Star can be used for the story that depicts the life of actor of Hollywood.

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