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What is the success of an organization majorly dependent on? Is it the correct resource allocation or the timely flow of funds? The answer is BUSINESS LEADERSHIP.

But the question remains the very basic one. How to be a successful Business leader? Is it a mere case of successful delegation of duties or something that comes from experience?

Business Leadership, my dear, is a perfect amalgamation of a bunch of features that are present in different proportions in every leader. And for that matter to expect 2 leaders to be same is also impractical. But to know whether or not you have it in you to be the most looked forward to and loved leaders of all times, here's a checklist.

1. Positive outlook

Whenever you attempt a task at hand in a group or individually, having a positive mind frame before commencing it solves most problems than the human mind can imagine. It is your sure shot key to success. A positive mind-frame combined with strategic leadership induces a feeling in the colleagues that sooner or later the task will bear fruits constructive enough to be acknowledged.

2. Decision-making ability

Having a number of alternatives to a particular problem may have been the scenario most of the times. Which one to choose? The correct decision-making ability of the leader providing strategic leadership aids saving a lot of time and reduces possible conflicts.

3. Punctuality

Teaching by example is the best quality a leader can exhibit. When leaders are themselves punctual, they can easily expect the crew to be on time, every time. Punctuality is not something that is learned in a day. It is something that personnel see and discover.

4. Prioritization

Blaring deadlines and no time at hand? A dedicated leader will easily come out of this. More so, these deadline issues don't creep up with people who are committed to their jobs. Business leadership balances work so that rushing through deadlines isn't the case. Proper and timely completion is their job takes a higher priority in their lives than anything else and proves to be an effective key to success.

5. Accurate delegation of duties

Assigning people responsibilities will not ensure rewarding results until the assignment was done with precision. Absorbing the teammates' comfort zones and assigning them exact duties has proven to be a key to success which they can fulfill leads to the well-timed conclusion of tasks and a happier task force.

6. Discipline

An aspect that sets apart an effective business leader is their ability to be disciplined even in times when they have all opportunities of taking liberty and indulge in spoiling themselves. Not only in leaders, but self-discipline is also needed and is imperative in today's world. It also answers the most sought after the question of 'How to be successful'?

7. Responsible attitude

The ability to take initiative and being responsible for the outcome is a risk not many people are willing to take these days. An effective leader analyses the situation and plans ahead of time.

8. Fair attitude

Successful business leadership requires being fair to all co-workers professionally, irrespective of the private relation they share. The growth of an organization depends on howfair the leader is.

9. Communicative and understanding

Being affable and understanding of others' situations is most needed to be a successful leader. Only then can the work go on smoothly without halts.

10. Out of the box thinking

Sometimes certain problems require solutions that cannot be thought of when surrounded by the problem itself. A person needs to have a cool mind and out-of-the-box thinking to be a great leader.

6 or more matching traits will definitely make you the leader your organization had been looking for.

Because there is always room for improvement and learning has no age bar!

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